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Hi, I'mI'm LindseyLindsey

What Do I Do?

I design change-making brand identities and digital experiences for nonprofits and startups that do good.

I’m motivated by my community so you may have also heard about my freelancer-inspired candle shop 🕯.

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The Lit List is exclusively for my e-commerce shop and features all updates, deals, and announcements.


I’m passionate about empowering startup founders of color as well as other UX/UI designers with the knowledge and tools they need to follow their path in order to expand the impact.

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A consultationconsultation experience.

Coming Soon:

THE WIREFRAME – a unique consultation for anyone interested in User Interface, User Experience, or Product Design.

This custom service allows you to ask several questions + receive a custom recorded video response (which allows me the time to provide you with the best answers) as well as custom resources.

We’ll discover how you can best position yourself in moving forward and reaching your goals!


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