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Lindsey Created is an independent creative studio dedicated to creating change via design where you live, eat and explore. I specialize in branding and web design services for projects in real estate, hospitality, and economic development industries.


  • I know it's been a while since I checked in with some new branding - so I figured I'd quickly share a really cool brand identity project. I was contacted by an amazing client who is a marketer by day, and a fashion student by night. She was ready to invest in creating an identity for her upcoming fashion brand. She has an eye for modern, avant-garde design and some of the brands she's inspired by are ones I love - so it was a great collaboration.   Outing Cloth is: Dependable,

  • I don't highlight my love for UX/UI here nearly enough, and while going through some personal archives, I found some concept work that I thought would be great for a quick share! One thing that I always try to drive home to clients, especially those launching startups, is how important the design plays into the early stages. Many startups initially work with developers to get their product (app, website, etc) launched, but developers aren't always the best at strong design. That's where having a professional designer on the team comes in

  • For some restaurant groups or owners, a website doesn’t come to mind as a key priority – especially if they’ve been running without one for a while. However, times are changing and having a digital presence is almost as important as your physical one. Here are 5 reasons why your restaurant needs a website: CREATE A KEY ONLINE PRESENCE Have you noticed that these days, someone only tells you the name of a restaurant when recommending it? Gone are the days when they give the address or directions too. Why? Because an

  • When it comes to being a freelancer, you’re on your own when it comes to handling your funds! One of the first steps to making sure that you’re successful in your freelance career is to make sure that you’re making money! To do this, you’ll need to track your income as well as your expenses. Accounting can be hard. Freelance designers are used to doing just that, designing. But there are a few websites/apps out there that I have found make it a lot easier! I actually like all three