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Yew Yew Shop x Liv & Dom

I have been Instagram fans of both Yew Yew and Liv & Dom for a few months now — so it’s always refreshing when I realizing that two brands I love, love each other as well. It always feels like I deserve some aesthetic reward points for mentally matching them together before it happens. Needless to say, their recent collaboration made my art heart happy.

About @YewYewShop

Despite my anxiety, I’m not much of the smoking type. However, I came across Yew Yew when I was doing design for a cannabis brand. Their modern shop contains a collection of beautifully designed “smoking essentials” that to me, double as gorgeous little ceramic decor items.

About @LivAndDom

These twins are not only lovely in appearance but extremely talented. Their work ranges from ceramics to prints, in fun, natural, and quirky styles that speak to femininity.

The Collab Collection

Mixing Yew Yew’s smoking objects with Liv & Dom’s art made an amazing match.

The collection features two artfully designed pipes, seen below:

What are your thoughts on this collection?

xoxo, Lindsey


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