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UI + The Success of Your Startup

I don’t highlight my love for UX/UI here nearly enough, and while going through some personal archives, I found some concept work that I thought would be great for a quick share!

One thing that I always try to drive home to clients, especially those launching startups, is how important the design plays into the early stages. Many startups initially work with developers to get their product (app, website, etc) launched, but developers aren’t always the best at strong design. That’s where having a professional designer on the team comes in handy.

With such a tech-savvy generation of users, good design is more noticeable than ever and should be included in your bottom line.

Here are two concept screens I quickly created for the startup Dangle, when they were potentially in search of a new designer:



Here’s a peek at their existing screen designs, displayed on their site:



In this case, it doesn’t take the most design savvy person to see which user interface designs users (and investors) would gravitate to. Functionality is key, but startups who take the steps to also integrate user experience and user interface design will have an overall better chance of success!

– xo, Lindsey

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