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Art Bae: Lorna Simpson

Sometimes, you see a piece of art and it becomes a must that you find out more about the artist. I saw the work (Black Curl, 2013), online while browsing Artsy one day, and fell instantly in love. From there, I read up on and learned more about the powerhouse that is Lorna Simpson.

Lorna Simpson | Art Bae Feature | Lindsey Created

Lorna Simpson

Lorna is an amazing artist that uses photography and collage techniques to create some of her iconic works. Her work is centered around racial and ethnic identity, including views of African American women. The great thing that I discovered while researching Lorna is that I’d recently seen one of her works in person!

Her piece Wigs, composed of 21 lithographic images was on display at the Walker Art Center in Minnesota. I visited during a random summer vacation, and her piece was one of my favorites. The installation of it spans an entire large wall and is so intriguing and full of culture. I had taken pictures of the piece, but didn’t capture the artists’ name, so I was beyond happy to discover it was Lorna. Thank you internet for re-discovery.

Lorna herself is beautiful, and resides in Brooklyn, NY. I’m very sad that I haven’t randomly ran into her yet. Waiting for the universe to make this happen. 

My favorite pieces definitely hail from her “Ebony Collage” series, though. There’s something so whimsical about them. At the same time the photos used from vintage black magazines seem joyful, beautiful, and familiar.

You can check out some more of her work via her website or her profile on Artsy.

— Lindsey