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Moving + Sustainable Cleaning with Everspring

I am clearly approaching 30 because I actually get excited about cleaning supplies now. But in the world of adulting, cleaning up is a thing and I was so excited to move into my new apartment and restock. Cue Everspring – Target’s sustainable and eco-friendly line of cleaning products that was surprisingly affordable.

Why The Move?

I didn’t move out of Charlotte, because I absolutely love it here. I just needed more space (a second bedroom my office / creative things). Also, since living here for two years I’ve gotten a better grasp on which neighborhood best suits me. Actually, I think Plaza Midwood was perfect for transitioning from Brooklyn – but now that I know my way around I don’t have to shell out as much to live in the most walkable, bar-filled neighborhood. I actually prefer to live where parking is free everywhere and without parking decks (I absolutely hate them because I’ve watched enough First 48 to know they’re dangerous).

With the growth of the city, there were so many awesome new spaces to choose from. I considered a house, but I’ll save that for the next step. An apartment was easier and here’s the winning kitchen (because, that’s pretty much the only thing different in each of the places I saw):

Okay, About The Products.

If you’re like me then you quickly notice that things marked organic or eco-friendly are usually substantially higher in price than normal items. But the Everspring line ranges from $2.79 – $11ish. Come on budget-friendly! Per my usual Target behavior I wanted to grab every single item, but here’s what I grabbed to start off with:

Everspring Products via Target | Lindsey Created

What I Loved

My favorite things about the Everspring products overall are: they smell just as good as each scent sounds and the ingredients are really simple and easy to understand. Oh, and they work great! I used the all-purpose cleaner for my-move out which was a test of trust because I wanted my security deposit back. It passed with flying colors, getting all of my counters and fridge super clean and smelling fresh.

The handsoaps have also been great! I put one in each bathroom and I love both scents. One pump is all you need and it creates a light and airy foam which is always fun. I was nervous about the toilet paper but it’s actually strong, yet soft. I tried out just a small size when it came to the laundry detergent – because I need a detergent that gets out light stains on clothes for reselling. This didn’t disappoint though, and also didn’t have a strong after scent which is great because some customers can be sensitive to fragrances.

For your visual pleasure, here are some more official product shoot photos featuring some additional items that I want to try – like the candles!

Everspring Photo Collage

Overall I’m super excited to start my journey to more sustainable living in any way that I can. It’s the small steps like this that make me feel great. I also love that it’s convenient and I don’t have to go out of my way to be eco-friendly. Target has some more certified clean brands which I may dabble in from time to time in the future – but from package design to scents to low price, I think this will be the winner for me!



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