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Still & Tandem

In my daily digital work-world, I tend to hear the words “product design” and instantly think of a mobile or web app. But every once in a while, I’m reminded of the wonderful world of physical products. When paired with a core aesthetic and great visuals, it’s easy for me to become deeply intrigued. This was the case when I stumbled upon Still & Tandem.

I’ve been researching “still life” photography a lot, prepping to open my vintage objects shop, and have discovered a lot of amazing talents in the process. When mixing this traditional photography form with modern style, the results are stunning. Still & Tandem is a studio that has this style down pact. The studio has released two products in their shop, titled “Field” and “Pearl” respectively. Each product is intriguing in form and function, and they’re handcrafted as well.




You can follow @stillandtandem or view their site here.

What are some of your favorite artisan products or brands?

xoxo, Lindsey

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