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I'm passionate about working with people and brands that will change the world – or at least make a small difference. I specialize in work with entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and sustainable or socially conscious brands.

What’s at the core of a sustainable brand?

The core of any brand should be its purpose and its ``why``. We'll help develop or elevate your mission and discover how your brand can make an impact.

Branding is much more than just a logo design. It is bringing your story and your values to life to create an identity that your audience will love and trust.

From print materials to your website, we will ensure that the awesomeness of your brand spans all mediums and creates a cohesive presence that your audience recognizes.

Aesthetically-pleasing design is only one part of the magic. We combine design, strategy, and marketing to create a brand that will provide a great return on investment

``Do Nothing Without Intention`` - Solange

``I'm so thrilled with my site and feel it represents me, as well as my brand`` - Dakota



Discover the results-driven frameworks that will transform your brand.

  • Ethical Brand
  • $ 2500
    Per Project
  • Focuses on a research-backed process that results in a consciously designed and unique brand identity.


    • Consultation
    • Research + Brand Strategy
    • Color Palette
    • Brand Pattern
    • Logo Design with Coordinating Marks
    • Font Selections
    • Brand Style Guide
    • Choice of (2) Marketing Pieces
  • Conscious Site
  • $ 6000
    Per Project
  • Focuses on crafting a meaningful brand identity as well as website design that will grow with your business.


    Ethical Brand Package, plus:

    • Content Planning
    • Website Design (up to 6 pages)
    • Choice of (3) Integrations
    • Blog + Analytics Setup
    • Choice of (2) Marketing Pieces
    • Training + Post-Launch Support
  • Sustainable Shop
  • $ 6500
    Per Project
  • Focuses on launching your brand as well as an amazing e-commerce experience.


    Ethical Brand Package, plus:

    • Content Planning
    • E-Commerce Website Design
    • Choice of (3) Integrations
    • Product Setup (up to 10) + Guide
    • Choice of (2) Marketing Pieces
    • Packaging Sourcing Assistance
    • Training + Support

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your payment options?

So, you’re ready to change the world, huh? Each project requires a 25-50% deposit to book your space + begin (depending on chosen package).

Following this, additional payment milestones will be set (depending on total amount and project length), with the final payment due for design files and launch. A detailed payment timeline will be available in your official project proposal + again in your welcome packet.


Invoices are sent securely + trusted by Square.

What if I want more than the packages include?

Items included in design packages are created from years of expertise and knowing the core needs of successful brands. However, not every brand solution is one-size fits all. Packages are just a starting block, and additional services are available such as:



naming assistance, in-depth competitor research, package design, mock-up design, newsletter sequence, pitch decks, branded sheets and e-books, space (interior) design, monthly design retainer, etc.


Web + Marketing:

additional site pages, additional marketing materials, website audit, consultations, monthly website maintenance, etc.


*these services are only available as an add-on to existing packages and are not currently available a-la-carte

What platforms do you use?

Currently all website designs are created on WordPress or Squarespace, with the exception of an option to use Shopify for the “Sustainable Shop” package.


While I do have professional experience on several other platforms, my process is based on the platforms with features and capabilities that I feel most align with longevity + success for my clients.

What if I just need a logo or just need a website?

I focus on infusing strategy into design which requires the full branding experience, so these services are currently not available individually with the exception of previous clients.

How long is the design process?

Project time estimates are as follows:

  • Ethical Brand: 4 weeks
  • Conscious Site: 10-12  weeks
  • Sustainable Shop: 10-12 weeks

Estimated times may vary based on length of feedback + revision processes.

Can you help with photos and copywriting?

“That’s what she said…”

I am happy to help you plan your content, which is a part of each package. Early during the web process we’ll determine the site navigation which will allow us plan for text copy and imagery in following steps. I’m happy to assist in light copy-editing such as headlines and tag-lines, however clients are responsible for their own initial copy for each page. If you’d like full copywriting assistance, it can be included as an add-on.

While I can and will help you source non-boring stock photos, I highly recommend hiring a local professional brand photographer (and/or product photographer for e-commerce). I’ll work suggestions into your welcome packet + our project timeline to ensure you are prepared with photos at the proper stage to avoid pesky delays.


Fill out the form below to tell me a little more about your brand project needs. You'll hear back from me within one business day via e-mail.

You'll receive an inspiring proposal + after reviewing it, feel free to ask me any more questions via email before sealing the deal.

You'll receive your official contract outlining all deliverables and details + deposit invoice to start! This is then followed by welcome + onboarding!

I am currently booked out until April 2021.

If your project can wait and you’d like a helpful content readiness guide and brand tips along the way prior to my books reopening, please join the While You Wait List.