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Why Residential Property Branding Matters

As a designer, when searching for a new home in the city, I naturally found myself gravitating towards branded residential property developments. And when it came to deciding between a place with a strong identity and those without, it was almost a no-brainer. Of course, I’m not alone in this. At certain price points, prospective tenants are looking for a full package that spans way beyond the four walls of their unit. After completing branding for an AirBnB unit and being reminded of just how much branding a property can have an effect on even a small rental property scale, I knew it was time to put together a quick post on how powerful residential property branding can be.

What is Residential Property Branding?

Plainly put, residential branding is the thought and process behind bringing architecture, interior, and graphic design together to create a full and cohesive identity for residential developments, whether for rent or sale. Residential property branding can span from small vacation rentals to local apartment complexes to luxury high rises or mansions.

Why is Residential Property Branding Important?

After Knight Frank’s “Branded Development” research study was published, pure facts and numbers prove that branding residential properties is key and worthwhile. “‘Branded residences command an average uplift of 31% compared to equivalent non-branded schemes”, Knight stated.  Here are a few reasons why residential property branding is key in today’s market.

Create Consistency To Drive Sales

Residential property branding has a way of turning a place to live into a full experience. This is especially true when the marketing materials that peak a residents interest are carried out throughout the building during that key initial visit. Other than meeting a checklist of personal home requirements, residents are looking for a feel-good vibe and a lifestyle match. For example, a luxury high-rise looking to attract buyers with high budgets should have a luxury style logo and brand identity, premium marketing materials, a luxe and modern website, trained agents in suits and luxury interiors and details.

Stand Out From The Crowd

When attempting to appeal to residents, property branding can easily help you stand out from the crowd and lure them. A branded residential development will stand out amongst those that are not or do not create an experience. It also gives residences a chance to show their individuality. Perhaps your residence wants to focus on how eco-friendly it is, or perhaps your residence wants to show off how strongly inspired it is by the local art community. These are features that can be carried out and highlighted via residential branding and strategy. It’s also great that this can change from development to development, as each property type typically has its own identity, even when created by the same company.

Build Trust

Branding builds an automatic sense of trust and reliability when done correctly. “A well-crafted identity captures what words cannot. It encapsulates everything a brand stands for and represents all the adjectives you might want to attach to a development – without saying a word.” With high-quality design and services comes trust that things will continue to meet standards after purchase/rental of a residential property.

I specialize in branding and web design for residential properties, real estate developments, and hospitality brands. You can view my services and feel free to contact me to inquire about a project!

— xoxo, Lindsey

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