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Completed several weeks of user experience research and worked with the team’s iOS developers on a steady rollout of updated experience and interface changes over the next few months. These included the updated visual identity paired with illustrations – for a primarily teenage user base.




My Role:

User Experience Research, Brand Identity Design, Brand Strategy, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Social Media Design



Problem Statement:

Homework Answers (formerly Toot) was in the process of redefining its identity as well as features. Completing the updated brand identity, backed by user research, as well as updating design was key and a major focus of current investors.



Project Goals:

  1. Complete new identity and iconography
  2. Create updated user experience flow
  3. Create a new user interface to match updated branding

Research Methods:

  • Market Research Analysis
  • Competitor Research
  • Customer Personas
  • Customer Journey
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototype Testing

The app had an existing user base, so we were able to poll both users and tutors (employees of the app).



Core Customer Needs:

  • Quick-start solutions (no long sign-up process before use)
  • An opportunity for instruction from tutors (not just answers)
  • Affordable solutions for students


The Result:

An updated brand identity that speaks to the core target audience and could be carried throughout the app’s user interface, with an easy-to-use flow that creates long-term users and increased subscriptions.