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Hashing & Co
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Created user experience backed identity and interface for a women-led platform that uses new tech to make investing in cryptocurrency easy for all.


My Role:

User Experience Research, Brand Identity Design, User Experience Design, User Interface Design


Problem Statement:

Hashing & Co. was pitching itself to investors in a heavily saturated and trendy cryptocurrency market. To stand out from the crowd, it required a unique brand identity. Also, the platform needed to speak to female users without completely alienating potential male users.


Project Goals:

  1. Become an established brand in the cryptocurrency market
  2. Attract large investors for next round
  3. Uncomplicate the cryptocurrency experience; make the platform beginner-friendly

Research Methods:

  • Market Research Analysis
  • Customer Personas
  • Customer Journey
  • Information Architecture
  • Prototype Testing

Without an established presence yet, we weren’t able to recruit existing Hashing users, so reached out to 13 users on other platforms to gain in-depth insights on their needs, motivations, and frustrations to help shape the platform solution.