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STYLE STUDY | Pastel Grunge

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Pastel Grunge Style Study

STYLE STUDY | Pastel Grunge

I’ve said this a million times, but next year (2014) will really start my owning of pastel grunge style. Everything in my closet that isn’t dark, black, or pastel colored or that just doesn’t fit the actual style can go.  It takes a lot to really figure out what you love style wise, and although the pastel grunge style can be total wild-child / rebel attire, simply the color palette can still be transferred into more adult and even classier looks.

Here, as sort of a mood board for myself as well as a study/definition for you guys, I’ll dive into the fashion trend (no, style, because it’s here to stay) that is pastel grunge.

What Is Pastel Grunge?

I’m sure that various people would define this various ways, but to me — pastel grunge as not just a style, but a lifestyle, is the only way that you can be fully believable with your look. It’s the bad-ass rocker-type grunge girl that still has an actual girly side. A side that while rocking black platform boots and torn grunge shorts, still likes pink things and makeup. Another style that I feel the name is interchangeable with is “soft grunge”. Basically, it’s simply grunge style with a touch of soft girly-ness. The color palette is black or dark deep colors (think — dark burgundy velvet) that has pastel colors such as pink or lavender as accents.

Below is a random mood board of photos I collected from tumblr.

Pastel Grunge Accessories

Pastel grunge is a pretty accessory heavy style. From the tights / leggings to cool shoes to unique jewelry, these all seem to be key pieces in pulling together the entire look. That’s one thing I know i’ll have to work on. I’m really good at losing all of my awesome accessories. Or, maybe my friends are really good at sneaking them away from me.

Where To Buy Pastel Grunge Clothes?

Of course with any style, you can find clothes to fit it in almost any store! They should all have black or pastel colored items, right?

If you’re looking for something unique, I always suggest thrifting first. Since i’m building a new style almost from scratch, this is where i’ll most likely start for the clothing side of things. Most of my more expensive items will simply be shoes since all the ones I love are always $75-250.

Another possibly affordable alternative is to find items on eBay or shops on Etsy (known to have sooooo many pastel grunge style items and accessories).

Also, check out brands/online stores such as NastyGal, Dolls Kill, and Nikki Lipstick. These sites are a tad bit pricey, but can be great for staple or stand-out pieces when you catch a good sale!

Don’t Let One Style Define You

I’ve seen so many randoms on the internet that lightly bash people for tagging a style as “pastel grunge” when they think its really “pastel goth” or seeing someone step outside of their signature style every once in a while and being judged for it when in all actuality. . .who the fuck cares about the opinions of others? Especially when it comes to YOUR personal style. Be you, mix it up, live life, and love style.  From the pics, you don’t see a lot of African American girls doing this style huh? Who cares?! There are some out there and if you need an example of one, just subscribe to my blogluvin and watch me next year.

More Pastel Grunge Inspiration

If you’re interested in pastel grunge fashion and need a little more inspiration then feel free to search for “pastel grunge” or “pastel grunge fashion via Tumblr or Google images. Hours of scrolling!

–xoxo, Lindsey

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