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When it comes to brands focused on female-empowerment, it’s tought to say no. That, paired with a finally non-confusing entry into the world of cryptocurrency, made Hashing & Co an amazing project to take on. The objective was to handle creative direction and branding for a women-led platform that uses new tech to make investing in cryptocurrency easy for all.

I created an identity with a feminine touch that doesn’t alienate male users. The logo is reminiscent of a fashion brand, instead of the stale, tech branding currently often used in this rapidly growing industry. I also designed a landing page for the platform that can be used for initial info and beta user sign-up until the site is fully launched and funded.

I’ve really found a joy in working with start-ups. The passion of founders and backing from investors makes creating the projects you dream up possible, as long as you’re okay with the fast pace! Hope you all enjoyed viewing a peak at this project!

xoxo, Lindsey

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