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My Pledge to Black Owned Businesses

 This will be a short and sweet post, as I just wanted to re-iterate the offering that I’ve posted across my social channels. In hopes that the SEO God’s will find it amongst the internet chatter. This month, I am dedicated to assisting black owned businesses and amplifying the fact that Black Lives Matter. So, I’m pledging free Shopify website design for looted black owned businesses that were damaged in the riots and may need an improvement or new online shopping experience while they recover.

Free Shopify website design for looted black owned businesses

Free Shopify Website Design For Looted Black Owned Businesses

Shopify is the chosen platform as its great for e-commerce and they’ve made some monetary pledges to the cause as well. So again — free site design by me, a verified Partner on the platform for effected #blackowned stores. You can view more in the tweet from Shopify’s CEO, Tobi, here.

100% of Project Deposits in June

As causes that are gaining popularity are being “over” funded quickly (and literally begging us to help others instead) — I will be monitoring smaller organizations and distributing all project deposits for the month of June to those in need. If you are, or know anyone in need of branding or website design services, then this is how they can help others while helping their business.

I’m just one person, but this is how I feel like I can help in today’s climate. I am so proud of everyone on the front lines. You are brave and you are needed.

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