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Everlane Cotton Pocket Dress

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Everlane Cotton Pocket Dress

It has officially been a little over two months and I think I can say that I’m officially in love with my move to Brooklyn and getting settled into New York. Although I’ll be sad to leave my lovely sublet in December, I’m excited to get back to apartment hunting and finding the perfect permanent place.  That will also bring a lot of fun interior design and DIY posts since my Pinterest board full of modern minimalist items, succulent plants, and Scandinavian rooms reminds me everyday of how I want to make my place my own.


Anywho, enough about that. This post is about a mix of my two new loves: EVERLANE and T-SHIRT DRESSES. Neither is really anything new, but they’re new to my closet and I must. . .must. . .must get more.

Everlane Transparent Pricing


I discovered Everlane after watching True Cost (on Netflix) and going on my mission to only purchase the majority of my clothing from companies that are more ethical than not. Everlane has a great theory about “Radical Transparency” where on each item page they break down the exact cost of the item and what they’ve added for profit. They also like to mention the markup that other brands pretty much add as the regular “Retail Price”. They also are clear about the factories they use, which are all places with fair wages and good working conditions. 

Everlane also uses quality materials in their clothing that makes such a big difference. I ordered this dress ( the Everlane Cotton Pocket Dress) as well as 2 or 3 shirts (which hopefully I’ll shoot looks with as well)  and the thickness and quality of the organic cotton put my other cheap tees to shame. Being a designer myself, I must also note that the User Experience Design of their website and app is awesome and overall branding and imagery is amazingly clean and modern as well.

Minimalist Building With Basics 

Another reason that Everlane is such a good find for me right now is because I sold / donated majority of my wardrobe when I made the move to NY, and they focus on basics as well as well structured staple pieces. Exactly what I need! Plus, fall is basically here and a new season always gives me an excuse to shop (haha). However, I’ll definitely be still trying to stick to my capsule wardrobe plan now more than ever since my closet is basically clear.


I’ll be sharing more ethical clothing brands here often (as well as accessories and other things). Everlane and Alternative Apparel are my tops right now. What are your favorites?

 – xoxo, Lindsey

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