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It’s no secret that COVID-19 is here to stay for a while. With that said, now is a great time to make sustainable face masks a part of your “new normal.” I started out with a small pack of disposable masks when I was only leaving home once every two weeks. Soon after, I ordered some more sustainable organic masks from for both me and my parents. I wanted ones that I didn’t have to throw away after use. The one in my featured image is from this shop on Etsy.

So far, what’s worked fine for me have been non-medical grade fabric masks that I can wear out. These reduce me touching my nose or mouth, and once i get home and wash my hands I throw the mask in the washing machine. Now that I may begin going here and there as needed on a more normal basis, I figured I’d share some of my finds for sustainable face masks that can become a new part of your minimal wardrobe. The great thing about most of these selections is that the brands are donating masks to medical workers or others as well for each purchased. When I help design sustainable brands, I love to encourage 1-for-1 giving or proceed donations as much as possible.

I’m so happy to see that some of my favorite brands stepped up and started mass producing face masks as much as possible. Especially those donating thousands of them to essential workers before offering them to the general public. And although we may be mentally “over” the pandemic, it’s not actually over and healthcare workers are still on the frontlines. So please still be conscious of not over-buying. Especially those of you who may be purchasing medical / filtered versions.

Sustainable Face Masks Roundup

Selva Negra | Sustainable Face Masks | Lindsey Created

The Mask: Selva Negra Face Mask ($15)

The Give: First being donated only, sustainable face masks from this ethical design duo are now on sale to the public. “For every 5 masks, we will be donating one to healthcare workers around the country”

The Mask: RE/DONE Too Close Mask ($25)

The Give: “With each purchase of a RE/DONE mask, five masks will be donated to front line heroes nationwide.”

The Mask: L.A Protects Masks (Pack of 5) via Reformation ($25)

The Give: You can also choose the donate option to order + give these sustainable face masks to essential workers.

The Mask: LPA “This Too Shall Pass” Face Mask via Revolve ($17)

The Mask: SHAMI OSHUN Nude Fashion Masks ($30)

The Give: “Every mask purchase helps us donate a handmade mask to a facility in need.”

The Mask: KORAL Netz Face Mask ($20)

The Give: A portion of the proceeds from these masks will be donated to No Kids Hungry.

The Mask: Parachute Face Mask (Pack of 5) ($30)

The Give: “For every set sold, we will donate a set to those in need through Baby2Baby and The Bowery Mission. Because comfort is more than cozy linens – it’s feeling safe, supported and cared for.”

The Mask: Buck Mason Prevention Face Mask (Pack of 5) ($20)

The Give: This is a great option from an amazing men’s brand. “Our goal is to donate 1 million non-medical face masks to our communities in California and the rest of the country. With the help of each purchase and donation, we’ve already been able to donate over 150,000 masks to those on the frontlines around the nation.”

The Mask: Minna Shapes + Lines Sustainable Face Mask ($15)

The Give: “For every mask purchased we will donate a mask to an organization in need. “

The Mask: Sanctuary PPE Fashion Mask (Pack of 5) ($28)

The Give: “With your purchase of a mask, we will provide masks to organizations in need. “

The Mask: Everlane 100% Human Face Masks (Pack of 3) ($28)

The Give: “We’ll be donating 10% of all face mask sales to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. “

Lindsey Created endorses products from quality brands I love. I may earn affiliate income from some recommendations.

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