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Don’t Call It A Comeback

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Don’t Call It A Comeback

I wish I could say that I had it all together on January 1st, 2017, but the truth is far from that. I didn’t wait to start new beginnings, as those had been in the works since December, so I was in the midst of a load. Between running an agency, freelance projects, and figuring out my goals for the year, I was a bit busy. The hardest thing to do? Determine my voice.

Who do I want to be? What do I want to speak on? Who do I want to represent? And then it hit me. I want to just be me. You see, in the blogging world, girls like me aren’t represented much. We’re too worried about conforming. Conforming to what should be the norm for being a professional in our field. I’m a female, and I’m a designer, but that’s not my “niche”. I love glitter and cursive script, but that’s not my aesthetic, and it shouldn’t have to be. I want to empower young female creatives, especially those of color, that want to create but are forced to be the “token” in workspaces, if they’re allowed in at all.

But how? Courses? No. Coaching? No. Living? Yes. Through leading by example, sharing my life, experiences, and things as they come and go, I just want to prove that it can be done. I want to continue to push the #GirlBoss movement, and let people know that you can be successful without going by the book and following trends. To do so, I’ll have to push myself. Hold me accountable.

Sit back, and learn something.

– Lindsey

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