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Protective Hairstyle | Crochet Braid Extensions | Natural 4C Look

Lindsey Created / BEAUTY  / Protective Hairstyle | Crochet Braid Extensions | Natural 4C Look

Protective Hairstyle | Crochet Braid Extensions | Natural 4C Look

If you’ve ever been in love with dramatically big natural hair. . .then boy do I have the style for you! I’m so deeply in love with how cheap and easy this Crochet Braid Extensions hairstyle is and how well it works whether you have relaxed hair or natural hair!

I’m using this as a protective hair style that I will keep in for about 3-4 weeks while i’m stretching my relaxer. My hair is simply braided (cornrowed) straight back underneath. View Joulelzy’s tutorial on the crochet extensions (which I used) here. A small portion of my hair is left out in the front. If I braid it at night, it’s kinky and closely matches the texture of the marley braiding hair since it is my natural 4C hair pattern (new-growth. I’m 10 weeks post relaxer). You can see my final result in the pics and videos below.

It only took me about two hours to do (while watching TV and eating cookies) and all I needed was one bobby pin and almost 3 packs of Freetress Equal Marley Braid Hair in color 1B which are less than $5 each online or at any beauty supply store.

Crochet Braids / Extensions Maintenance Tips:

  • Don’t let your extensions run wild at night. Secure them within a large or XL sized satin bonnet to keep the hair from tangling.
  • Keep your real hair moisturized. Since your hair is basically separated into rows, this should make moisturizing your scalp daily very easy.
  • Keep your crochet extensions moisturized too. Use a cheap spray on leave in conditioner (it’s not your real hair and there’s a lot of it. . . so I wouldn’t use an expensive bottle) or a water and oil spritz mix to keep the marley hair from being so dry throughout the day.

-xoxo, Lindsey

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