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Clientele: Give Agency

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Clientele: Give Agency

When I initially created the Give Agency brand, it was a quick (personal) project that didn’t undergo much thought. It was a logo and identity that I’d created because I had a nonprofit interested in a design, with an executive board that felt like they needed an agency instead of just a freelancer.

Thus, Give Agency was born. Unlike some freelancer-created agencies, Give was never a front for a one-woman band. I actually did recruit key developers and project managers (and anyone else I needed) for that initial large project, and that continues to this day. Now, with many referrals making Give a real brand, I recreated its identity. Keeping the same logo, I added a bold color combination and customized patterns and textures to tell a story.

Although I don’t actively promote Give as a business, I still provide maintenance for existing sites and am happy to take on new nonprofit projects, as well as do several pro-bono projects under this brand per year.

Give Agency | Creative Agency Brand Identity Design by Lindsey Created
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