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BRWN Stock Imagery Brand Mood Board

Clientele: BRWN Stock Imaging

Diverse stock images are definitely a need that isn’t adequately being filled today. So naturally, when I first got word of BRWN Stock Imaging and what they were doing, not only was I excited to be considered for creating the identity, but excited for the venture as a whole! I absolutely love entrepreneurs that are filling the gaps, and it just so happened that I was friends with the lovely Porsha Antalan, founder and photographer.

For this brand identity project, I focused on a clean and modern style. We chose a palette and mood that is very inclusive and representative, as well as celebratory of brown shades and POC.

BRWN Stock Imaging Brand Identity

Clientele: Give Agency

When I initially created the Give Agency brand, it was a quick (personal) project that didn’t undergo much thought. It was a logo and identity that I’d created because I had a nonprofit interested in a design, with an executive board that felt like they needed an agency instead of just a freelancer.

Thus, Give Agency was born. Unlike some freelancer-created agencies, Give was never a front for a one-woman band. I actually did recruit key developers and project managers (and anyone else I needed) for that initial large project, and that continues to this day. Now, with many referrals making Give a real brand, I recreated its identity. Keeping the same logo, I added a bold color combination and customized patterns and textures to tell a story.

Although I don’t actively promote Give as a business, I still provide maintenance for existing sites and am happy to take on new nonprofit projects, as well as do several pro-bono projects under this brand per year.

Give Agency | Creative Agency Brand Identity Design by Lindsey Created
Pink Sofa | Interior Inspiration | Lindsey Created

Interior Inspiration: Pink Sofa

It’s official, I have decided that for my new apartment, I WILL HAVE A PINK SOFA. A nice light, blush pink. This is no longer just a thought or an optional idea. Although I took a trip to Charlotte to view apartments (you guys, I’m going to have a luxe apartment for only a fraction of what I pay now in Brooklyn) haven’t picked exactly which complex I’ll be moving into. I have it narrowed down to three, but I’m still pondering. This may mean that I don’t know my exact floorplan yet, but  it hasn’t stopped me from going into interior designer mode and at least coming up with a theme.

Are you ready for it? It’s “Organic Mid-Century Modern”. Yes, I kind of made that up, but let me explain. I have an amazing, large  thrifted record player that I’ll be using as part player, part TV console. It’s already beautiful, but I plan on painting the legs gold (because I’m on Pinterest way to much and think I must add a DIY touch to everything). So, that piece brings in the “mid-century”. The “organic” portion will come from the fact that I want lots of natural light and fresh plants. By fresh plants I imagine that I mean large banana leaf things, but may only mean succulents — I have to stick to what I can handle with this brown thumb. And to top it all of and bring in mid-century Palm Springs vibes? A pink sofa.

I’ve found a few amazing options ranging from DIY (buying pink slip covers or dying a white one pink) to way-out-of-my-price-range-but-a-girl-can-dream . Here are some that I’m currently using for inspiration:

Matrix Blush Pink Sofa

Matrix Blush Pink Sofa via Article

KARLSTAD Pink Mid-Century Inspired Sofa Makeover via My Melodrama

Newport Tufted Sofa via Neiman Marcus

Linen Edlyn Sofa in “Petal” via Anthropologie

Aren’t these all amazing?

Update: I found this super affordable option ($400) that’s stocked at a lot of online retailers but also, Walmart. Which means I can set it for local pickup AND it’s a sleeper sofa, without being a cheap futon. It may be what I go with!

Which one do you love?

— Lindsey