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Artsy Fall Blankets

My favorite season is officially here. I am such an advocate for fall weather. Doesn’t it seem like you can always go outside and take a walk in the fall without it being too hot or too cold? And when inside, it’s time to cozy up in your fall blankets with a bottle of red wine and all of the good shows that are back on TV. (Oh, hello #HTGAWM).

I’m not sure that any blanket is really season-specific, but to me, a fall blanket is one that’s not as fuzzy and furry as my usual winter throws. I’ve come across some really artsy blankets that I love lately. These can definitely double as home decor. You’re not going to want to stash these away in a closet. I’m eyeing one of these as a wall-hanging in my living room.

Artsy Fall Blankets: The Faves

August Fall Throw | Artsy Fall Blankets | Lindsey Created

August Throw by Heesung Ahn for Slowdown Studio

Courageous Woman Throw | Artsy Fall Blankets | Lindsey Created

Courageous Woman Throw by DittoHouse

Harvest Day Throw | Artsy Fall Blankets | Lindsey Created

Harvest Day Wall Hanging / Throw by Lea Augereau

What kind of things are your favorite to bring out when the summer changes to fall?

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