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Lindsey Morgan

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My name is Lindsey Morgan, and I am a creative with a passion for living more mindfully and sustainably. When I’m not crafting brands here at Lindsey Created, I’m busy being Senior UX/UI Designer at Advocate Studio. There, I work with nonprofits to help save the world through good design.

I’m also the proud founder and hand-pourer of an exclusive candle line, inspired by freelance creatives.


Aside from my businesses, my online space is dedicated to my journey to live a thoughtful life that Lindsey Created - inspiring myself (and hopefully others) along the way. I’ve been so inspired by socially conscious brands, nonprofits, and startups with “do good” missions that I’ve decided to exclusively design for those who are making an impact.

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Illustrator, InVision, Photoshop, Sketch

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