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Oh wow – this is the part where I talk about myself, huh?

My name is Lindsey Morgan, and I’m a 20-something creative with a passion for objects and spaces. By day, I’m a freelance UX/UI designer and by night – a browser of aesthetics and interiors.

I’ve lived in Atlanta and Brooklyn and now reside in Charlotte, NC.

Major agencies I”ve freelanced for:

HugeBBDOR/GASub RosaPossible

Startups I’ve built experiences for:

FreshlySpaciousFaithboxCleanlyPillo, and more!

My primary tools of the trade:

Illustrator, InVision, Photoshop, Sketch

In the works are: an interior design brand, a platform for female creatives, and a vintage objects shop.

What once was mostly just a portfolio site for my work is now a blog to chronicle my lifestyle and journeys on the way. Stay tuned – we’re going to have some fun here.


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