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5 Ethical Shoe Brands to Try On

If you’re going to walk along the path of being a more conscious consumer, then you’re going to need a good pair of shoes. (a little corny, but roll with me on this one). The great news is that ethical shoe brands exist, and they’re more stylish than you may have even expected. I’m constantly trying to make myself aware of these types of brands so that I can make them regulars during my online shopping (which is often).

I have absolutely fallen in love with the variety of ethical shoe brands that are now available and the wide range of styles. Whether it’s a night out on the town or a weekend jog, these brands cover every occasion. And most importantly, they do so at prices comparable to normal mainstream shoe brands. I have a larger shoe size (hello size 10), so it’s not always easy to find my size in cute styles secondhand. However, I love the opportunity to invest in new, quality-made pieces and mixing them in with my thrifted clothing finds.

My Picks: 5 Ethical Shoe Brands To Try On

Nisolo | 5 Ethical Shoe Brands to Try On


WHAT: the Mexican-inspired Ecuador Huarache Sandal , the minimalist Lucia Block Heel , and the effortless Isla Slide.

WHY: Nisolo owns a factory in Peru and is one of the ethical shoe brands that is dedicated to paying workers in factories fair wages, as well as dedicated to protecting trees from deforestation in the Amazon Basin. They are a Certified B Corp.

Allbirds | 5 Ethical Shoe Brands to Try On


WHAT: the super cool Tree Runners, the comfy everyday Tree Breezers , and the high-top Tree Toppers.

WHY: Allbirds is dedicated to reducing their already-low carbon footprint down to zero, and has a sustainable approach to making lightweight and comfortable shoes along the way.

Brother Vellies | 5 Ethical Shoe Brands to Try On


WHAT: the classic Tuesday Mules , the over-knee Scrunchie Boots , and the rattling Paloma Sandal.

WHY: This ethical shoe brand is committed to fair labor and is dedicated to “keeping traditional African design practices, and techniques alive while also creating and sustaining artisanal jobs.”

ABLE | 5 Ethical Shoe Brands to Try On


WHAT: the stacked Pamela Platform , the hint of cheetah Emmy Sneaker , and the cool cut-out Joselyne Boot.

WHY: I absolutely love that ABLE employs and empowers women as a solution to end poverty, paying fair wages to those near and far in their supply chain.

Everlane | 5 Ethical Shoe Brands to Try On


WHAT: the stylish Block Heel Sandal , the knitted Glove Mule , and the city-ready Boss Boot.

WHY: If you’ve seen my Everlane Sustainable Wishlist then you’ll know they’re one of my long-time favorites due to their “radical transparency”. They have an ethical approach and a quality that is designed to last!

What are some of your favorite ethical shoe brands?

Consciously, Lindsey

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