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4 Modern WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites

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4 Modern WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites

As a web designer that has worked with several real estate clients on creating new websites, I know how traditionally boring real estate websites can be. This is often compounded by the fact that real estate websites often require integrations for listings. That means that not just any theme can be used, or that custom development may get costly. Luckily, I’m happy to share these WordPress themes for real estate websites that are both functional and modern.


There are various types of websites when it comes to real estate, such as those for firms, individual agents, rental companies, residential developments, etc. With all of this in mind, here are some key features that I find helpful and look for when considering WordPress themes for real estate websites:


Property Listing: Whether listing properties individually via a property submission form or using an integration (such as IDX) to pull from databases, property listings are a key component of the majority of real estate sites. It’s also a plus if the property listings can be organized in different ways, such as a grid list or via a map. For real estate developers, however, you can usually go for a WordPress theme that simply has a nice portfolio feature. This is because you’ll most likely be listing projects and case studies versus current listings.


Styled Gallery: Buyers love photos, so making sure that listings have a nice, smooth styled photo gallery is key.


Fully Responsive: This should go without saying these days, but many real estate websites are old and not as functional as they should be. With that said, any modern real estate site should be fully responsive for viewing whether on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile!




4 Modern WordPress Themes for Real Estate Websites


Of course, like any designer will tell you, a theme is “just bones”. It still takes amazing design to customize a WordPress theme and take it from something cookie-cutter to something unique and on-brand. Here are some awesome themes with great bones.

Real Homes


This is one of the top real estate website themes on the market and for good reason. It has a modern flow and includes all of they key components I listed!



Windsor is a standout WordPress theme for modern apartment complexes and developments. It has stunning gallery and floor plan features with an overall super-modern flow.



The clean, modern style and special agents / agent listings features make this a great theme for larger real estate firms!



This theme is unique when it comes to vibe. It’s warm, welcoming and very personal. This would be best used for a small inn or individual vacation home.


If you’re in need of design, I specialize in branding and web design for interior, real estate, and hospitality brands. I’d love to help you with your real estate website design! Feel free to contact me to inquire about a new project!


— Lindsey

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